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Attention all traditional holistic Health Care businesses: I am very please to announce for the first time in Canada since 1920 when the Global Elites manipulated the legislative definition of "drug" in Canada and the U.S., you now can, without censorship, advertise in accordance to your constitionally protected rights, under section 2B of our constitution, on our website and in our Health Freedom Update Newspaper.

If your product can be demonstrated to my satisfaction that it is in fact a Truthful Health Claim that prevents, treats, and/or even cures any chronic health disorder, we will run the ad and if Health Canada doesn't like it, I welcome a discussion before a jury about why I view that they can not convict me personally of a criminal offence.

Should you have any questions about this, feel free to contact us at

Yours for Freedom, Truth, Justice and Peace,
Trueman Tuck
Business development, Strategic Planning, Lobbyist, Crisis Management Consultant, Educator, Public Speaker, Author, Publisher, and Human Rights Advocate

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